Catchy rhymes, engaging lyrics, and memorable melodies to inspire your kids to sing, dance and learn - then settle down to sleep. We at UCA Music offer new and traditional kids' songs to captivate young minds, encourage positive behavior, and foster an enduring love of music. You'll find our award-winning music on all popular streaming sites.

Recent Releases
Loving Lullabies
16 Beautiful songs with simple backing. You’ll find yourself relaxing as baby is tenderly serenaded to sleep.

A fresh take on traditional as well as mesmerizing new toddler songs will charm caregivers as well as tiny tots. This album is a shining star when it comes to ‘getting kids to sleep’ routines. You’ll find it on all popular streaming sites.
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Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes
The Grand Old Duke marching for peace? And Contrary Mary giving gardening lessons? Why Not?

Mr. Ted takes tradition to new heights for today’s kids. Each highly entertaining track has a new take on an old favorite. And we can all sing along with the Trad Nursery Rhyme chorus! You’ll be dancing to the 10 tracks too - the beat gets little feet (and big ones) grooving. You’ll find this fabulous album on all popular streaming sites.
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Hip Hop Animal Friends
Kids of all ages groove along with Little Bo Peep, thru Hip Hop Frog & Mother Goose Bop.

This 10-track album is one big, beat-groove smile from start to finish! Humorous stories are interwoven with each sing-along nursery rhyme chorus. You’ll find this awesome album on all popular streaming sites.
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Sing and Learn
Totally Toddlers
40 tracks - the ultimate kids' music collection. Your little person will love to sing & dance along.

A variety of instruments, singers and musical styles, means pleasant listening for kiddies and caregivers too. From 'What Does the Cow Say?' thru 'My Teddy' and a bouquet of nursery rhymes, this album is an essential-listening ‘song-kit’ for tiny-tots. You’ll find it on all popular streaming sites.
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Old MacDonald Songs
Sing along with the ‘E I E I O' as Old MacD lives a colourful new life in 12 witty kids' songs.

Yes! The traditional family singalong version is here. But this album is also a breath of new life on the farm. The old fella is now off on new adventures! Kids can sing the familiar chorus to reassure him of their love and loyalty. You’ll find this refreshing album on all popular streaming sites.
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Nursery Rhymes
20 bright, happy kids' songs to delight the little people of each new generation. Our best selling album!

Bond with your toddler as you enjoy the simple childrens' songs many families have treasured for generations. Live instruments, together with novel sounds, make this pleasant listening. You’ll find this album on all popular streaming sites.
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Daycare Kids
16 fun childrens' songs, from Rock-a-Bye Baby Rock, thru Kids Are Making Music, to We’re Done!

Teachers, parents, and children enjoy these delightful new and well-known, kids' songs. Each track is developmentally appropriate and many are favorites in daycare centres across the world. You’ll find this album on all popular streaming sites.
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Creche Kids
These 16 excellent teacher-chosen songs for little ones are easy to follow. Sing & dance along!

We Are Going to Crèche helps enthuse kids to anticipate a day full of fun activities. At creche, we enjoy the early childhood favourites. And we learn some exciting new kids' songs. Enjoy! You’ll find this album on all popular streaming sites.
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Kindy Kids
16 superb childrens' songs, from Alice the Camel, thru Children Hold the Parachute, to Clean Up Time!

This collection, compiled by kindergarten teachers, ticks all the education-fun boxes. Children can follow all the words, and the pace suits pre-schoolers dancing along. You’ll find this excellent album on all popular streaming sites.
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Dance and Play
I Can Dance
20 Teacher-chosen action songs, from Mulberry Bush, thru Comin’ Round the Mountain to Puffed Out.

Music games like 'Head Shoulders Knees & Toes' and 'My Pigeon House', delight each generation. Enjoy these and new activities on I Can Dance by Toddler Time. You’ll find this uplifting album on all popular streaming sites.
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Dancing Fun
Introduce children to the imaginative world of dance, and watch their confidence grow and grow.

Children introduce tracks that emphasize dance basics, singing, creativity and rhythm. Dancing Fun by Bright Stars gets kids moving. You’ll find this uplifting album on all popular streaming sites..
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Music Start
A ‘join-in’ music class for babies and tiny-tots. Your child’s life-long love of music starts here.

Learn the fun way, with these easy-to-follow childrens' songs and activities on Music Start by Toddler Time. You’ll find this uplifting album on all popular streaming sites.
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Top 40 Fun Songs
From Six Little Ducks, thru the Hokey Tokey, to Bounce Rock and Hug, this album has it all.

Finger songs, sing-alongs, and action songs enjoyed the world over. Enjoy the superb recording quality UCA Music is known for too. You’ll find this uplifting album on most popular streaming services.
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Twinkle Toes
Enjoy this fun dance class at pre-school or at home in your own living room. Put on your dancing shoes!

Suggested movement ideas at the beginning of each track stimulate the imagination and get young children going. You’ll find this album of mostly instrumental kids' music on most popular streaming services.
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Move to the Music
A highly popular collection of short, easy-to-move-to, rhythmical, instrumental tracks.

This album, of mostly instrumental kids' music dance-tracks, was created by movement specialists to suit the young child's developmental level. You’ll find this user-friendly album on all popular streaming services.
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Rest and Sleep
Loving Lullabies
Beautiful songs, simple backing. Hear every word as mother tenderly sings baby to sleep..

So restful, these traditional favorites relax caregivers as well as baby. And there’s more. Beautiful lyrics now enhance songs like All Through the Night, and Au Claire de la Luna. This collection of children's songs is a healing balm for all the family. An outstanding album, found on all popular streaming servi.
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Sleepy Time Songs
20 bright and beautiful songs along with familiar lullabies to soothe your children at rest and bedtime.

UCA Music brings you this lovely range of relaxing children's songs sung by various Toddler Time singers. You’ll find this restful kids' music album on all popular streaming services
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Three Bears' Stories
Timeless stories empower our imagination; we picture them our own way. No need for screens here.

These six classics have held children’s attention for generations. Follow 'Henny Penny', 'The Enormous Turnip', and 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' on their adventures. Enjoy the 'Gingerbread Man' and 'The Three Little Pigs' too! You’ll find these sensitively-told stories on all popular streaming sites..
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Rest Time - Whakata
Gentle instrumental lullabies and nature sounds. No singing, pauses or gaps. Soothe your child to sleep.

50 mins of continuous, relaxing tunes, live instruments and nature sounds, lulls children to rest and sleep. Excellent results at nap-time in childhood centres and at bedtime at home. This album links children to the natural world. Find it on popular streaming sites.
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Nature's Lullaby - Forest
Beautiful birdsong and human heartbeat. 60 mins of continuous, soothing nature sounds to rest your child.

Research shows that hearing the human heartbeat can help babies to relax and drift into sleep. Forest birds sing too - nature’s lullaby. UCA Music created this unique sleep-aid album which you’ll find on all popular streaming services.
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Birdsong Cafe
From a New Zealand Chorus at Dawn thru a Sunlit Clearing to the owl lulling us to sleep ... Beautiful!

Let the exotic sounds of the New Zealand rainforest wash around you, transforming your day. 62 mins of seamless sonic beauty and mystery. No music. You’ll find this magical album on popular streaming services.
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Clean Up Time
12 fun songs help kids tidy up in a playful way. This is one of our most popular ever albums. I wonder why?

From 'This is the Way', thru 'Tidying Up is Fun', and 'Wash Our Hands', you’ll find these helpful kids' songs actually work – especially when grown-ups join in the effort. Favorite tracks are played in many Early Childhood centres at clean-up time every day. You’ll find this useful album on popular streaming sites.
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Songs of Joy
20 children's songs, some quiet, some bouncy, to keep hope and joy alive in the ‘little angels’ in your life.

Enjoy the spiritual vibe - from 'Get the Joy' and 'Here Comes the Sun', thru 'Michael Row the Boat Ashore', and 'Start the Day with Love', to 'Goodnight'. You’ll find this uplifting album on popular streaming sites.
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Children of One Earth
Winner of a World Peace award, these gentle songs keep our vision of a better world for our kids, alive.

This UCA Music album is calming background listening for children as they play or rest. Charming sing-along songs are included too. Inspired by the passionate vision of a better world for our children.
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Virtues Project Resources
The Virtues Project is a global NGO aiming to help people live by their deepest values. Read on ...

To purchase the Virtues Project Educators Guide and Cards, the Family Virtues Guide and Cards, plus the Virtues Reflection Cards, visit Type Virtues Project in the search tab to view what’s in stock. You can also email Or phone Sandra, 09 379 0444 (+64 9379 0444). She’ll be happy to help you. For further enquiries and PDF files, email us -
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Virtues in Me
Twenty-one fun kids' songs that help bring out the best in children – all the wonderful virtues within.

These delightful songs and music games engage children in positive thinking while strengthening their character and confidence. The album, created by UCA Music and inspired by the vision of a caring world, is on popular steaming services.
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Māori Songs for Children
Fresh, engaging, easy-to-learn kids' songs, and well-known waiata to delight your tamariki. Read on ...

Ngā waiata whakakoi koi i te hinengaro o te hunga ngāwari. Since the Ngā Pihi series was launched by Sir John Bennett of Te Kohanga Reo National Trust, these albums have been in constant demand. Great for learners! You’ll find the Ngā Pihi series albums, and more, on all the popular streaming sites. For further enquiries, email us -
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About Us
Greetings from Universal Children's Audio (UCA Music). Here in New Zealand we love creating high-quality educational and entertaining music for the world's children. And we've been doing so since our foundation in 1987. Stream our songs for toddlers, babies, preschoolers and older kids from all popular download sites such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music. Or have our CDs delivered to your door anywhere in the world by Marbecks Record Shop.

Our People
Radha Sahar, co-founder. Radha's outstanding ability to and produce music for children has established her as a well-respected leader in her field. Her awards include the World Peace Music Award, two 'Tuis' for New Zealand Children's Album of the Year, the Rainbow Ribbon Award (NZ), Practical Preschool Silver Award (England), and Finalist, International Songwriting Competition, (ISC).

Radha was musical director for Learning Media's Kiwi Kidsongs series, issued to all New Zealand primary schools, and composer for many other projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Sunshine Books, Pixel House, and Word Detective.

David Clark. David's background in Radio New Zealand led to his current position as sound engineer, studio manager, and co-director/founder of UCA Music. His work on the album Sacred Tibetan Ceremonies won NZ its first Grammy Award through the Naxos/White Cloud label.

David was sound engineer for the Kiwi Kidsongs series and many Learning Media recordings funded by the NZ Ministry of Education. One of his many children's songs, Never Hitch a Ride with a Martian, is also a successful children's book, published by Learning Media.

Tribute to Tawai Te Rangi. Kai-ārahi, Tamariki Aorangi Tawai chose UCA Music as her vehicle for this vision, overseeing our Māori language productions, and co-creating Ngā Pihi 3 and Tama's Flute. As a native speaker of her beloved Māori language, her dream was to nurture the country's children in the ways of the ancestors. We remember her with much love as we recall her pānui ... "Ko Tawai Hauraki-Te Rangi toku ingoa i whānau ahau ki Ruatoria. Ko Ue-pohatu, whānau-a-Umu ariki, oku hapū o Ngati-Porou. Kei Porirua toku kainga noho. He Kai-awhina ahau o te Reo Māori mo Tamariki Aorangi. Ko taku noa; kia tika te whakatakoto, kia tika te whakahua o te taonga nei o te Reo Māori. Kia pūmau te Wairua i roto i ngā mahi katoa."

The Marbecks Team. Sandra as manager of Marbecks Records distributes our CDs and Virtues Project resources globally. She's a whizz at keeping track of what is happening with the many orders that come into Marbecks each day and she works closely with Roger Marbeck, founder of Marbecks, and owner of Ode Records, a leading independent NZ record company. We look forward to singing a happy song with you!

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